From June 15 to 17, we invite several experts in the world of wine to show them our winery. The objective of this event was to highlight what has positioned us as one of the most awarded wine tourism projects in Spain. Throughout that weekend, all the attendees stayed in our agrotourism and enjoyed many activities.

Varios entendidos del mundo del vino visitaron Bodegas Valdelana (Elciego, Rioja Alavesa)

A walk around Laguardia

After settling in our accommodation, on Friday we accompanied them to visit Laguardia. This is one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, located just 10 minutes from Elciego. There we went for a walk around its old town…

Paseando por las calles de Laguardia (Rioja Alavesa)

… to end up having a glass of our wine at the bar Entre Viñas.

Brindando con un vino Valdelana en el bar Entre Viñas de Laguardia (Rioja Alavesa)

Dinner at the Viura hotel

After our visit to Laguardia, that night we had dinner at the Viura hotel, located in the small town of Villabuena de Álava.

Cenando en el restaurante del Hotel Viura (Villanueva de Álava, Rioja Alavesa)

A good time to chat and learn more about the great team that accompanied us this weekend.

Cena en el Hotel Viura (Rioja Alavesa)

Discovering Valdelana Wineries

After resting and having breakfast in the agrotourism, we dedicate Saturday to the Valdelana project. Juanje welcomed them to our winery.

Juanje Valdelana recibe a unos visitantes en el ático de Bodegas Valdelana (Elciego, Rioja Alavesa)

Next, Juan Valdelana guided our guests through the cellars of the winery where the ethnological museum

Herramientas y utensilios varios del mundo del vino en el museo de Bodegas Valdelana (Elciego, Rioja Alavesa)

… and the wine museum are located.

Visitantes en el museo del vino de Bodegas Valdelana (Elciego, Rioja Alavesa)

There they learned more about the history and culture of wine in Rioja Alavesa

Capilla de la Virgen de la Plaza en los calados de Bodegas Valdelana (Elciego, Rioja Alavesa)

… before enjoying a professional tasting of our wines…

Catando vinos en Bodegas Valdelana (Elciego, Rioja Alavesa)

… that allowed them to know more about our product.

Carmen Garrobo en una cata profesional de Bodegas Valdelana (Elciego, Rioja Alavesa)

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Rioja lunch in the garden of Varieties

At noon we went to the garden of Varieties to enjoy a delicious Rioja lunch.

Grupo comiendo en el Jardín de las Variedades de Bodegas Valdelana (Elciego, Rioja Alavesa)

“Patatas a la riojana” and “chuletillas al sarmiento” …

Preparando chuletillas al sarmiento en el Jardín de las Variedades de Bodegas Valdelana (Elciego, Rioja Alavesa)

with the best wine and company. There was also time for our guests to take a walk in this beautiful garden.

Visitantes junto a la cruz del Jardín de las Variedades de Bodegas Valdelana (Elciego, Rioja Alavesa)

The route through civilizations

In the afternoon we take our new friends to visit several archaeological sites located in Rioja Alavesa.

Tumba de una necrópolis de Rioja Alavesa

With this route through civilizations we try to complete what we have learned in our museum, making the trip through history as experiential as possible.

Turistas junto al dolmen de la Hechicera en Rioja Alavesa

The stellar marriage

As a farewell we prepare one of our best known events: the stellar marriage.

Máscaras en el maridaje estelar de Bodegas Valdelana (Elciego)

Late in the afternoon we went back to the garden of the Varieties to say goodbye to the sun…

Judit en el maridaje estelar de Bodegas Valdelana (Elciego)

… while we ate a dinner with several tapas.

La familia Valdelana en el Winetruck del jardín de las Variedades (Elciego)

When the last lights of the day gave way to the stars …

Cielo estrellado sobre el jardín de las Variedades de Bodegas Valdelana (Elciego, Rioja Alavesa)

… we started the stellar marriage, a tasting paired between wine, stars and music.

Durante un maridaje estelar de Bodegas Valdelana (Elciego)

The stellar pairing was the perfect ending to a wonderful weekend. During these two days we were able to make our extended family a little bigger …

Prescriptores en el jardín de las Variedades de Bodegas Valdelana (Elciego)

… while we showed our award-winning wine tourism project. Before saying goodbye, we want to thank Viri for helping us organize this event, and thanks to all of you who made this unforgettable experience possible. This is your house.

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About Bodegas Valdelana

Bodega de vino en la Rioja Alavesa. Desde 1583 haciendo de la familia la esencia de nuestro vino.

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