Bodegas Valdelana is located in Elciego, a town of 1000 inhabitants located between the cities of Logroño and Vitoria, in the region known as the Rioja Alavesa (Basque Country). Currently Elciego is mainly dedicated to the wine sector, concentrating in it a large number of wineries, some of them of great international prestige.

Vista de Elciego desde un mirador (Rioja Alavesa, País Vasco)

The history of Elciego

The history of this village goes beyond the production of wine. There are vestiges of the existence of Elciego in the eleventh century, although at that time it belonged to Laguardia. It was in 1583 when King Felipe II granted Elciego his independence from Laguardia. King Felipe II received in exchange for this independence maravedíes and wine that came from the cellars of Bodegas Valdelana.

Botellero antiguo en los calados de Bodegas Valdelana (Elciego, País Vasco)

Tourism in Elciego

So many years of history are visible in the streets of our town. Despite its small size, in Elciego it is possible to find a lot of historical and artistic heritage.

Vista de Elciego desde la bodega Marqués del Riscal (Rioja Alavesa, País Vasco)

The church of San Andrés

The most emblematic building in Elciego is the church of San Andrés, built in the 16th century. Enhance its two impressive towers, completely different from each other. This church stands out because of the mix of architectural styles it contains: Romanesque, Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic, Neoclassical … The church of San Andrés is usually closed to the public, but in the tourism office of Elciego, guided tours can be arranged.

Fachada de la iglesia de San Andrés en Elciego (Rioja Alavesa, País Vasco)

The hermitage of Nuestra Señora Virgen de la Plaza

The town has a second religious temple, the Hermitage of Nuestra Señora Virgen de la Plaza located in the Plaza Mayor. This hermitage dates from the 18th century and contains a statue of the Virgen de la Plaza, the patron saint of Elciego. The daily religious ceremonies are performed here.

Ermita de Nuestra Señora Virgen de la Plaza en Elciego (Rioja Alavesa, País Vasco)

Beyond these two Catholic buildings, Elciego has more elements of interest for the visitor. Highlight the aforementioned Plaza Mayor and the town hall.

Fachada del ayuntamiento de Elciego (Rioja Alavesa, País Vasco)

There are also several palaces built between the 17th and 18th centuries, such as the Ramírez de la Piscina Palace, the Zárate Nabar or the Casa de los Hierros. The latter is the colloquial name given to the Palacio Navarrate Ladrón de Guevara, one of the most illustrious characters of Elciego that gives name to one of the brands of our wine Ladrón de Guevara.

Palacios en Elciego (Rioja Alavesa, País Vasco)

In addition to these renowned buildings, walking through the streets of Elciego is already an element of tourist attraction. Elciego retains its historical essence.

Iglesia de San Andrés por la noche (Elciego, Rioja Alavesa)

Things to do in Elciego

Elciego is a must for lovers of good wine. As we have already mentioned, in the village there are several wineries in operation and some offer guided tours.

Carretera de entrada a Elciego (Rioja Alavesa, País Vasco)

At this point we encourage you to visit our winery museum, where we offer a visit through the history of wine and our region, as well as a tasting of our products.

Visita guiada en Bodegas Valdelana (Elciego, Rioja Alavesa)

Beyond our museum cellar, we have a wide range of wine tourism services. Above all, we recommend going up to our Garden of Varieties, a place next to the village with a spectacular view of the Ebro River and the region. There we celebrate in summer our laureate stellar pairing, an outdoor nighttime tasting in which we explain the close relationship that wine has with astrology. Here we also offer other types of events prior reservation.

Our tourism project has received three Best Of awards, the most important wine award in the field of wine tourism.

Where to eat in Elciego

Rioja Alavesa is the perfect blend of two great gastronomic cultures: La Rioja and Basque Country. For this reason, eating in the area is always a guarantee of success. We recommend the restaurant La Cueva, located next to our winery, where they will offer you a delicious gastronomic offer very adapted to all tastes and budgets.

Carne con salsa de vino en el restaurante La Cueva (Elciego, Rioja Alavesa)

Accommodation in Rioja Alavesa

As you can see, Elciego has a lot to offer, especially to wine lovers. In addition, it’s located in a perfect place to know the region of the Rioja Alavesa. For all this we encourage you to stay in our agrotourism, built on cellars of the XV and XVI century. A building full of history in which to rest and get into the wine culture.

Agroturismo de Bodegas Valdelana (Elciego, Rioja Alavesa)

The agrotourism was inaugurated in 2012 and currently has 12 rooms, all with their own bathroom, heating, air conditioning, flat screen TV and free Internet connection. The Valdelana agrotourism has received awards from Booking and Tripadvisor for the excellent ratings received by users. An ideal place to stay in Elciego.

Do you want to visit Elciego? Contact us!

About Bodegas Valdelana

Bodega de vino en la Rioja Alavesa. Desde 1583 haciendo de la familia la esencia de nuestro vino.

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