We give a new reason to go up to our Garden of Varieties to all our friends and clients: bird watching. Thanks to the support of the Basque government, we have prepared a space for the contemplation of all kinds of birds in this spectacular viewpoint.

The Garden of Varieties, a perfect space for bird watching

Bird watching is a common practice among lovers of these animals and consists of observing their flight from a strategic point. And our Garden of Varieties is a perfect space, since its location on the meander with which the Ebro River separates the autonomous communities of La Rioja and the Basque Country is a regular site for ornithological parades.

Observación de aves en Rioja Alavesa - El Jardín de las Variedades (Bodegas Valdelana)

There it is possible to see dozens of species depending on the season and the time of day, although these are the most common:

  • Blackbird: it is distributed throughout Europe, Asia and North Africa. Depending on the latitude, the blackbird can be resident or partially or totally migratory. It consumes a wide variety of insects and fruits.
  • Warbler: This group extends throughout Eurasia and Africa. They are small birds, with discreet and inconspicuous plumage, but they are very active and have a melodious and prolonged song.
  • Starling: This group spans Europe and Asia. They form large flocks that can help fight pests, since they consume large amounts of insects and other invertebrates.
  • Wheatear: extends throughout Europe and Asia. This 13.5 to 15.5 cm long bird is insectivorous. They are very striking birds due to their plumage decorated with black and white spots.
  • Woodpecker: they feed on insects, worms and larvae that they capture inside trees or fallen trunks. They can be sedentary or migratory.
  • Vulture: they are birds of prey that usually feed on dead animals, although they are capable of hunting live prey. A feature is its bare head, devoid of plumage.
  • Bee-eater: They are characterized by their plumage of rich colors, slender bodies and, usually, tails with long central feathers. They are specialized in eating flying insects, especially bees.
  • Terrera: The species ranges across more than 80 countries in southern Europe, north-western Africa, and temperate Asia. It lives mainly in cleared fields and crops.

Nature, the raison d’être of our winery

These are just some of the most easily observable birds from our garden, but some more can be seen. For this reason, we encourage our visitors to sit at the top of the viewpoint, grab a glass of wine and watch this wonderful parade of birds. Since our family began to produce wine back in the 16th century, they have put energy into caring for nature. Today, more than 400 years after those first steps, we continue trying to live in peace and harmony with the environment. And this is a good example of it.

Observación de aves en Rioja Alavesa - Apoyo del Basque Country

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