One more year, Rioja Alavesa has celebrated the already traditional Wine Harvest Festival. In its 26th edition held in Baños de Ebro, once again, our winery has won awards. And this year, two of our “crianzas” have been recognized as the best of DOCa Rioja.

Judit Valdelana recoge el premio Mejor crianza Fiesta de la Vendimia de Rioja Alavesa 2019


Our wines Agnvs Crianza and Ladrón de Guevara Author Crianza have won the first and second prize. A distinction of a very high level considering the enormous prestige of this contest.

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Agnvs y Ladrón de Guevara de autor son los mejores crianzas de la Fiesta de la Vendimia de Rioja Alavesa 2019


In 1994, this Wine Harvest Festival was held for the first time, with its subsequent wine competition, betting from the first moment on an exhaustive selection and tasting process, and a jury of great quality. It is done through a blind tasting, so that the jury does not know the brand and the origin of the wine you are drinking. A contest in which any winery of the DOCa. Rioja can participate, including its three sub-zones: Rioja Baja, Alta and Rioja Alavesa.


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Each year there are more participating wineries, exceeding 300 in 2019. Or what is the same, it is increasingly difficult to be recognized, so we still value this new award and all those obtained in recent years, such as the prize to the best singular wine of 2018. This award to our “crianzas” is another push forward to continue producing the best possible wine. The wine that you deserve.

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Bodega de vino en la Rioja Alavesa. Desde 1583 haciendo de la familia la esencia de nuestro vino.

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